The Best Foot Acupressure Slippers to Choose from (2022)

foot acupressure slippers
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Some of the best foot acupressure slippers-Our feet are an important part of our overall health and well-being. Even though there are many ways to get healthy today, from head to toe, the ancient Asian methods of acupressure and reflexology are still as useful as ever, especially as people become more interested in natural therapies.

Slippers and sandals made for acupressure and reflexology have nodules on the footbed that massage and stimulate thousands of nerve endings in the foot. People have found that these foot acupressure slippers therapies help relax muscles and joints and ease pain and discomfort from sports injuries or other injuries.

People have also said that they have a positive effect on the organs and tissues that they correspond to, and that they can even help reduce headaches and digestive problems.

foot acupressure slippers
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The American Academy of Reflexology says that both reflexology and acupressure are reflex therapies, which are touch therapies. But they all work on very different energetic principles and have reflex points in very different places.

A podiatrist lists the eight best ways to treat plantar fasciitis heel pain.

Over 14 long, thin energy lines, called meridians, run through most of the body and are used in acupressure. Along these lines, there are more than 800 pressure points. Less than 30 of them are on the feet and hands. There is only one meridian acupressure point on the bottom of each foot, and only one meridian comes close to the ear in the crease behind the outer ear.

In reflexology, on the other hand, there is a full map of the body on the feet, another full map of the body on the hands, and a third full map of the body on the outside of the ear.

Using these methods, there are many lightweight and durable slides made of EVA that can also be worn outside to run errands or walk the dog. You can also wear foot acupressure slippers to relax in after a day of sports, or you can wear them to the beach since they don’t get wet.

Everyone in the family can enjoy these therapeutic footnotes, since they don’t need a doctor’s order and don’t need a prescription. Some brands, though, say that wearing them for long periods of time at first can hurt, so wear them as needed.

Here, we have put together a list of slippers with acupressure and reflexology that can make you feel better overall.

The Best Foot Acupressure Slippers

foot acupressure slippers
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Adidas Adissage

Adidas’s Adissage slide is its own take on the foot acupressure slippers. It has a TPR footbed with massage nubs and is made by the athletic giant Adidas. It also has a lightweight injected-EVA outsole and a branded hook-and-loop bandage upper that makes it easy to make changes.

Autley Slippers with Foot Massage

The short, soft massage buttons and small massage balls on these slides help to massage the foot. The upper is made of soft, breathable knit fabric, and the outsole has three non-slip pads to keep you safe.

JNE Acupressure Massage Slippers

The upper of these gingham-glad foot acupressure slippers is stylish and summer-ready, so you can do reflexology in style. The massaging footbed has taller nubs near the arch and a flower-shaped design at the heel to target pressure points there.

Byriver Reflexology Massage Slippers

The slides are made to relieve foot and heel pain and tension caused by arthritis and neuropathy. They come with extra massage buttons to make them last longer. We have also written a full Byriver Acupressure Sandals Reviews, so ensure you check them out if you’re interested.

V-Shine Massage Slippers for the Bath

This EVA style foot acupressure slippers can get wet and has a thick sole that is made to absorb shock when you stand in the shower or walk on hard surfaces by the pool. It dries quickly, is light, and doesn’t smell.

Cloris Slippers with Massage Stones for the Feet

These foot acupressure slippers are meant to be worn for 15-minute intervals. When you first put them on, they may feel uncomfortable. They come with five replacement massage buttons, some of which are made of real jade to make the shoes last longer.

Fineleoo Shower Sandals with Drainage Holes

The soles of these water-resistant slides have drainage holes to keep water out after a shower, at the beach, or in the pool. The soft, stretchy material is lightweight, which makes them more comfortable and easy to wear both indoors and outdoors.

Lifease Slippers

The upper and soles of these foot acupressure slippers are textured for style and comfort. They are made of strong EVA. They are also cushioned, with extra padding at the heel and near the ball of the foot for extra support. An outsole that doesn’t slip helps keep you steady.

Revs Acupressure Faux Fur Slippers

These cozy scuffs are made of faux leather and are vegan-friendly. They have a footbed that massages your foot and a shock-absorbing comfort sole. They are made to fit the shape of your body to give you better support, grip, and posture.

Crocs Reviva Flip Flop for Women

This classic flip-flop style has bubbles in the footbeds to massage your feet and give you a spa-like feeling. This gives your feet some bounce and support. Because they are light, you can easily bring them on vacation to wear at a hotel spa.