About Us

Essential Balance. Massage and Wellness.

Welcome to Sandalsmassage! Here we will be discussing all things related to create an essential balance for foot massage, from the latest research to practical tips and advice, and how it could achieve wellness. We believe that health starts from the feet up, and we are passionate about helping people to improve their foot health in the most effective way possible. We hope that you find our blog useful and that it helps you to improve your foot health in the long term.

Mission & Movement

Green Ribbon Campaign

As part of our mission to support mental health awareness, SandalsMassage is committed to bring positive change by supporting Mental Health Foundation in its fight to protecting people’s mental health. Due to the social, economic, and environmental circumstances they find themselves in, some communities have a higher risk of mental health problems. We address these inequalities through our work to reduce them.

Our Ethos

We believe health, foot, and happiness are interconnected

We believe that health, foot, and happiness are interconnected – that is, if you have good health, you’re likely to have better foot health, and vice versa. We also believe that there’s a lot you can do to improve your foot health, no matter what your age or lifestyle.

We believe health start from foot

Our feet are responsible for taking us from point A to point B. Whether we’re walking, running, or dancing, our feet are constantly working. And while foot health is important no matter what we’re doing, it’s especially important when we’re exercising. That’s why we believe that health starts from the ground up and focus on building strong feet.

We believe healthy foot allow us to perform at our best

We believe that foot health is key to allowing us to perform at our best. Our feet are responsible for everything from walking to running, and they need to be treated with the same level of care as our other body parts.

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